Moving Day

It has arrived. Sneaking up on us while we were occupied with seeing everyone we know as much as possible and dealing with day-to-day logistics for the trip. Selling and leaving our house of almost seven years was incredibly sad. We made great memories here with our family and friends. It feels like home in so many ways, yet I know we’ll make a new home for our family wherever we are. My parents, Pam & David, came out from Texas to help us pack. One week turned into three. Without them, we would still be packing boxes full of carefully bubble-wrapped dishes. The support from Jessica’s family, and from our friends helped smooth the way, though every going away party or dinner made it more difficult to say goodbye. We will miss everyone terribly, yet we also look forward to sharing stories of our new home in Bali. Hopefully we’ll even get a few visitors throughout the year.

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